Wednesday, May 12, 2010

lazy world

I recently got my English essay assignment back, how good it is to be in the computer age just push the buttons even if the spelling is wrong just go a little closer to your world and guess who will help you with right word? Your computer it will underline any irregularities in work and even suggest what it should be. That brings me to my case off the day lazy word, the computer is turning the world lazy, now there is a software for everything, one rich guy in my neighborhood boosted of having a computer that tells him the weather of the day and even suggests what clothes he should wear too lazy to think what to wear. The need to think critically about issues is being swept away as there is an application software for every field, in business there is software for accounting excel Spss, for data analysis in art software for drawing and many other software the education has not been left out of the revolution , the dictionary the religion had its own share in this revolution being given a digital bible no need to go throng from Genesis to Revelations JUST CLICK. Most of all, I fill sorry for students who do not what to read and study anymore they just go on line click and aaaha there it is online book ,journals, you name it there are going as far as getting online girlfriends advise don’t be too lazy since now you can buy food on line next you will need an online toilet .

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

money and web

Today is not one of those good days I should say, people I’m broke. Speaking of being broke recently I saw two stories of online thieves that can leave you broke, one guy was being accused of illegally finding his way into people’s back accounts in the America and stealing a dollar from each account and in the end he was a millionaire. No one wanted to go to the courts to complain over $1 stolen from them thanks to the country’s web access laws the bighead was brought to book. The other fool had a page online of a furniture selling shop which sold top of the range furniture and Stilling from all who bought online as the company did not really exist.

Ok people this is my story online banking and shopping is good but be careful when doing this. There so many ways of verifying the truth of online information and please not every advertisement on the net is real make sure every time you buy no one is pick pocketing you. Please be careful with your banking details or you may end up like me broke or a step ahead broken hearted to add to the financial crisis you will be in, so remember make sere before you press enter

Monday, May 10, 2010


Green computing
The world is under threat from global warming. Global warming as defined by geologists is the increase in temperatures in the troposphere as a result of green house gases emitted both by human activities and natural activities with the humans contributing the most. The emission green house gases from electricity generating plants and factories which create a layer that keeps heat in troposphere heat which in turn affects the environment has seen the need to go green( consider environmental impact) in computing . Computers impact on the environment from the very manufacturing point and may even go as far as disposition impacting all the way. Many green house gases are emitted in the making of a computer and when in use a computer requires electricity whose generation, in cases were fossil fuels are used emitting of green house gases to generate the electricity. The wastage of electricity by leaving computers on when not in use and the use of computer consumables whose manufacturing is not environmentally friendly is highly discouraged in green computing.
I think it is for the good of the earth that as we advance our technology we also advance our care for the future already the earth is overloaded, it has the capacity to host 2.5billion people and now it is home to 6.5 billion people and their technologies. With this and a statement by Gore in his movie An incontinent truth which I encourage you to watch if you haven’t , old habits if put together by old technologies the effects are predictable but old habits and new technologies have unpredictable far reaching effects. It is good to have no habits that go with new technologies to save the planet, let’s go green.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Abuse! Abuse Stop Abuse

Last night sky news had a story off two cruel men who abused youths. These man got into teen spot, a social network for teenagers , and pretended to be teens seeking for love relationships, sex concerning topics was much they raised and were said to have been quick for an off line relationship for example ask for phone numbers or organise for dates. They indeed have several victims. I personally think these men were cruel and were ignorant on of computing ethics, one of them is reported to have used a logo for an organization that works with youths to mislead the youths. He acted against information privacy and accuracy ethics. This gives me the idea that yes the computer should be a friend or lover whom if seduced buy these with the ability to do it, can harm you. So be warned the world has teeth and will bite.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Information literacy

Information has taken over the current generation. As had been the case during the agricultural era when land was power and the industrial era when industrial skills and factories was power, to date information and knowledge is power. There are questions however on what is information literacy? Of what value is it? While computer age and computer ethics are also part of this information age.
Information literacy is as the ability to recognise an arising need for information, knowing where to locate the information, being able to analyse it, and applying it. With the growing information sources which have grown to include the traditional oral sources, which information was obtained through face to face or telephone conversations. To the much broad written which went from wall paintings notes, books, news papers letters, the list is countless as long as there is contact between some mark leaving object and a mark stowing object. To date a new generation has arisen, the digital generation which involves computers. One’s ability to use either all of these sources or some at times of information necessity is information literacy.
Information literacy is of great value in the present day world. Unlike the old ages where physical strength even with little information was an important tool in life, the situation has changed people are less worried about being physically big but are now exercising their minds to be mentally, information and knowledge wise, big. All life systems of life today have computerised from the industries to the education sector the health sector, governance, even our social lives were there have mobile phones, PCs at home and a lot computerised gadgets we use. Against this back ground the need for information in order to survive in the present day digital world is important.
The computer has become the machine of the day. A society controlled by computers has been created were all life supporting systems have gone digital. The in every country where there are people there is a computer. Computers have varied in sizes and uses as illustrated above, but the most important characteristic of a computer is that it offers a world networking system known as the World Wide Web (Web). This amazing net work system makes the digital generation the leader in the information age. It makes available information from all over the world and from all sectors of life. It also creates a platform for communication through e-mail services and social websites such as face book, twitter and Skype. The advantage of this system is that its fast and reliable but it is also subject to various abuses.
There are ethics of using the Web system. A s in any other community there are rules, ethics “are moral guidelines that govern the use of computers and information systems.” (shelly and Vermaat. 2010).the ethics are as follows.
• Unauthorised use of computers and networks
• Software theft (piracy). The exchange of software with ought registered owner’ permition.
• Information accuracy. Some people post inaccurate information on the internet causing some problems of misleading.
• Intellectual property rights. Original work’ copyright is reserved to the owner.
• Green computing. Reducing the electricity and environmental impacts when using a computer.
• Information privacy. It refers to the right of individuals and organisation to deny access to outsiders.