Friday, May 7, 2010

Abuse! Abuse Stop Abuse

Last night sky news had a story off two cruel men who abused youths. These man got into teen spot, a social network for teenagers , and pretended to be teens seeking for love relationships, sex concerning topics was much they raised and were said to have been quick for an off line relationship for example ask for phone numbers or organise for dates. They indeed have several victims. I personally think these men were cruel and were ignorant on of computing ethics, one of them is reported to have used a logo for an organization that works with youths to mislead the youths. He acted against information privacy and accuracy ethics. This gives me the idea that yes the computer should be a friend or lover whom if seduced buy these with the ability to do it, can harm you. So be warned the world has teeth and will bite.

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  1. Stop misusing computer technology for selfish gain... Deal with the cuprites!!!!!!!!!