Monday, May 10, 2010


Green computing
The world is under threat from global warming. Global warming as defined by geologists is the increase in temperatures in the troposphere as a result of green house gases emitted both by human activities and natural activities with the humans contributing the most. The emission green house gases from electricity generating plants and factories which create a layer that keeps heat in troposphere heat which in turn affects the environment has seen the need to go green( consider environmental impact) in computing . Computers impact on the environment from the very manufacturing point and may even go as far as disposition impacting all the way. Many green house gases are emitted in the making of a computer and when in use a computer requires electricity whose generation, in cases were fossil fuels are used emitting of green house gases to generate the electricity. The wastage of electricity by leaving computers on when not in use and the use of computer consumables whose manufacturing is not environmentally friendly is highly discouraged in green computing.
I think it is for the good of the earth that as we advance our technology we also advance our care for the future already the earth is overloaded, it has the capacity to host 2.5billion people and now it is home to 6.5 billion people and their technologies. With this and a statement by Gore in his movie An incontinent truth which I encourage you to watch if you haven’t , old habits if put together by old technologies the effects are predictable but old habits and new technologies have unpredictable far reaching effects. It is good to have no habits that go with new technologies to save the planet, let’s go green.

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  1. True that. We should takt responsibilty for our actions.. Let's go green..