Tuesday, May 11, 2010

money and web

Today is not one of those good days I should say, people I’m broke. Speaking of being broke recently I saw two stories of online thieves that can leave you broke, one guy was being accused of illegally finding his way into people’s back accounts in the America and stealing a dollar from each account and in the end he was a millionaire. No one wanted to go to the courts to complain over $1 stolen from them thanks to the country’s web access laws the bighead was brought to book. The other fool had a page online of a furniture selling shop which sold top of the range furniture and Stilling from all who bought online as the company did not really exist.

Ok people this is my story online banking and shopping is good but be careful when doing this. There so many ways of verifying the truth of online information and please not every advertisement on the net is real make sure every time you buy no one is pick pocketing you. Please be careful with your banking details or you may end up like me broke or a step ahead broken hearted to add to the financial crisis you will be in, so remember make sere before you press enter

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  1. Very interesting artical,married with some very funny example .Enjoyed reading tha artical.