Wednesday, May 12, 2010

lazy world

I recently got my English essay assignment back, how good it is to be in the computer age just push the buttons even if the spelling is wrong just go a little closer to your world and guess who will help you with right word? Your computer it will underline any irregularities in work and even suggest what it should be. That brings me to my case off the day lazy word, the computer is turning the world lazy, now there is a software for everything, one rich guy in my neighborhood boosted of having a computer that tells him the weather of the day and even suggests what clothes he should wear too lazy to think what to wear. The need to think critically about issues is being swept away as there is an application software for every field, in business there is software for accounting excel Spss, for data analysis in art software for drawing and many other software the education has not been left out of the revolution , the dictionary the religion had its own share in this revolution being given a digital bible no need to go throng from Genesis to Revelations JUST CLICK. Most of all, I fill sorry for students who do not what to read and study anymore they just go on line click and aaaha there it is online book ,journals, you name it there are going as far as getting online girlfriends advise don’t be too lazy since now you can buy food on line next you will need an online toilet .

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  1. wow you are right computers does make us lazy but its fun we can automatically correct our spelling mistakes and get good marks for our essays!!!